Psychotropic Polypharmacy in Children and Adolescents 5/22/23

The challenges of addressing behavioral health problems in children and adolescents remain an ongoing dilemma because of the high incidence of youth with significant problems, coupled with the ongoing difficulties for families and providers in accessing and optimizing care in a coordinated and comprehensive manner.  Particularly in the arena of prescribing psychotropic medications, there are concerns […]

Cannabis Use:  Risks and Resources 5/3/23

A recent report from researchers in Colorado presents concerning data about the impact of cannabis legalization with findings of a significant increase of marijuana use in teens and young adults who have committed suicide.   Analyzing data from 2014 when cannabis was legalized in the state through 2017 showed the number of individuals committing suicide who […]

ADHD Treatment Concerns in Adolescents 4/19/23

This newsletter is based on a clinical consultation asking about adjusting ADHD treatment in an adolescent based on concerning side effects. This is probably a scenario that is common for many primary care providers, so we thought it would be useful to present the question and clinical discussion in this format. Clinical Question: This is […]

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder in the Child and Adolescent Population 3/23/23

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is a psychiatric condition characterized by obsessive and distressing thoughts that leads compulsive rituals that may lower one’s stress level (1). The prevalence of pediatric OCD has been noted to be between 1-3% (2) and in US adults, the lifetime prevalence of OCD has been noted to be 2.3% (3). Although OCD […]

Partnering with American Indian and Alaska Native Youth and Families in Healthcare Settings

In our ever-evolving multicultural society, it is critical for providers to engage with patients and their families with sensitivity and empathic awareness of their social and historical backgrounds.  While the specifics of each group’s experiences and needs will vary, providing effective quality care should reflect congruence with the practices described herein. Partnering with American Indian […]

Stressors Experienced by Immigrant Youth and Their Families: Overview of Mental Health & Practical Recommendations 2/2/23

According to the American Immigration Council, there are approximately 44.9 million immigrants in the United States, representing 14% of the US population1. This large body of immigrant population has nearly tripled since 1970 and more than 1 million immigrants are still arriving yearly2. Although the United States is often regarded as the “land of opportunity”, […]

Mental Health among Asylum-Seeking Migrants: A Critical Topic of Discussion and Suggestions for Improvement

At over 45 million people, the United States houses the largest number of immigrants in the world1. Specifically, according to the US Department of States, there are over 3 million asylum-seeking migrants with more than 300,000 estimated new arrivals in 20212. These immigrants face a multitude of stressors throughout their migration experience. Pre-migration stressors can […]

Vista Hill to Operate Center for Child & Youth Psychiatry in 2023 In San Diego!

TO OUR FRIENDS IN THE PEDIATRIC COMMUNITY: The clinical and administrative staff of SmartCare BHCS’ not-for-profit parent organization, Vista Hill, are happy and honored to have been chosen to further promote integrated system of care services with a County-funded grant to run the Center for Youth & Child Psychiatry (CCYP) in 2023. CCYP provides services […]

Social Media Safety:  Suggestions for Families 11/29/22

Our last newsletter, “What Kind of Screen Time Parent Are You?”, offered an opportunity to consider the impact of screen time on our personal and family life.   This edition offers some guidance taken from the professional literature about how parents can address the issues. Social networking sites (SNS) have flourished with the advent of technology […]

What Kind of Screen Time Parent Are You? Handout

What Kind of Screen Time Parent Are You? Are you strict on-screen time, or do you feel overwhelmed trying to set limits? What about actually enjoying media with your kids? Take this quiz to learn more about your parenting style when it comes to digital media. My kid(s) use screens…. Never, we’re Luddites For a […]