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    Signs of a Sensory Processing Disorder 9/14/22

    Case Presentation 7-year-old boy with chief complaint of “frequent meltdowns”. Additional history: daily meltdowns (crying, hitting) with loud sounds or when asked to wear certain clothing; wants to make friends but poor boundaries and accidentally hurts peers at school when he is playing with them; hard time sitting during seat work at school and prefers […]

    Psychodynamics of Intergenerational Transmission of Trauma Experiences 8/25/22

    While Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) can arise spontaneously from any number of sources, one of the frequent causes of trauma exposure occurs when parents unconsciously re-enact their own trauma exposure(s) with their children.   Sadly, most exposures to ACEs do not result in the affected individual (or their parent) receiving optimal psychological support and therapeutic intervention, […]

    13th Annual Early Childhood Mental Health Conference – We Can’t Wait!

    13th Annual Early Childhood Mental Health Conference – We Can’t Wait! How are the Children? The Path from Healing to Well-Being September 15-16, 2022        Virtual Event via Zoom https://www.earlychildhoodmentalhealth-sandiego.com/ Learning Objectives: Review the neurobiological nature of the developing brain and recognize how it is directly shaped by interpersonal experiences Examine the impact of early childhood experiences […]

    Psychotropic Polypharmacy with Children and Adolescents 8/5/22

    The challenges of addressing behavioral health problems in children and adolescents remain an ongoing dilemma because of the high incidence of youth with significant problems, coupled with the ongoing difficulties for families and providers in accessing and optimizing care in a coordinated and comprehensive manner.   Particularly in the arena of prescribing psychotropic medications, there are […]

    Complementary and/or Alternative Medicine for Behavioral Health Conditions:  Resources 7/20/2022

    Many people are interested in using complementary and/or alternative medicine (CAM) when they are dealing with physical or mental health concerns. This is sometimes because they are worried about side effects from traditional medical treatments. Sometimes it is because they are not seeing the relief they expected from the traditional treatment prescribed by their medical […]

    Sleep Problems for Youth with Autism: Common, Treatable, At Times Challenging 7/6/22

    Sleep disturbances are common among children and adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Up to 80% of parents in one review of youth with ASD reported prolonged sleep disturbances (Malow et al., 2016).  Many studies have explored epidemiology, phenomenology and treatment strategies for insomnia in children with ASD or other neurodevelopmental or psychiatric disorders. While […]

    Positive Mental Health: A Better Outcome Measure For Remission? 6/15/2022

    Symptom remission has been traditionally used as the desired outcome measure for remission in mental health disorders clinical trials.   This is not however what patients actually perceive as remission or what they want from treatment? When this contrast has been assessed, patients indicate that what they are looking for with remission is a return to […]

    Impacting Social Determinants of Health in Primary Care 5/26/22

    Approaches to Impact Social Determinants of Health: V & Z Code Awareness From the macro level of statistical data, we can readily demonstrate and appreciate that larger forces are at play in determining the health and welfare of groups and individuals, but translating that understanding about the Social and Environmental Determinants of Health down to […]

    Refugees & Migrants Face Major Mental Health Challenges 4/27/2022

    San Diego County is home to many refugees and migrants and the current crisis highlights the longstanding crisis of migration that is driven by multiple factors.  According to the California Department of Social Services, between the year of 1975 to 2017, 86,598 refugees came to San Diego County. The rate of arrival has increased in […]

    The Columbia Suicide Severity Rating Scale— Clinical Implications 4/13/22

    As a public health concerns, suicide is a serious issue.      It is the 12th leading cause of death accounting for the loss of nearly 46,000 Americans in 2020, occurring at a rate of 130 per day.  There an estimated 1.2 million suicide attempts made in 2020.  Overall male to female ratio for suicides is roughly […]