Vista Hill to Operate Center for Child & Youth Psychiatry in 2023 In San Diego!


The clinical and administrative staff of SmartCare BHCS’ not-for-profit parent organization, Vista Hill, are happy and honored to have been chosen to further promote integrated system of care services with a County-funded grant to run the Center for Youth & Child Psychiatry (CCYP) in 2023.

CCYP provides services for children, youth, family and transition age youth with mental health or substance recovery needs enrolled in San Diego County Behavioral Health Services’ public sector programs.

With a reformed mission, CCYP will focus on coordinating better integration and continuity of care in San Diego County.   CCYP, working in concert with the SmartCare program will coordinate service access, cross referral and consultation linkages with primary care to optimize access to responsive services for patients who are Medi-Cal beneficiaries or are un- or under-insured.  The program will have the capacity to work in coordination with SmartCare BHCS to engage support services, integrate care plan and service delivery processes, and aid in access to care.

CCYP Psychiatric Services include:

  • Aftercare medication management and care management transitions for youth stabilized at County-funded clinics
  • JV 220 Services: Oversight of medication management for court involved oversight
  • Consultation & Medication Stabilization Services for Juvenile Court involved youth and families
  • Local Psychiatric Locum Supports County-funded behavioral health clinics
  • Medication Assisted Treatment for youth and families
  • Group Home Psychiatric Management & Consultation
  • Clinical Linkages with Community Stakeholders (pediatrics, schools, regional center, etc.
  • Participation and Promotion of Community Educational Partnerships

San Diego’s pediatric integrated care model, SmartCare, will continue to provide direct on-demand psychiatric consultation for all pediatric providers and offer telephone guidance to parents and older youth callers referred by their healthcare providers about mental health and substance recovery concerns and treatment options.

Happy New Year to all!


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