Expanded Services Available

We are excited to announce the expansion of patient and provider services through the SmartCare program pursuant to our revised contract with San Diego County Behavioral Health Services.

Effective immediately, SmartCare will be adding the following expanded service capabilities:

Telephone Consultations for Adult and Geriatric patients:    While this service has previously been available for parents regarding behavioral health concerns of their children, SmartCare is rolling out its Ready for Health phone consultation service for adult and geriatric patients.  Patients seen in a primary health care setting who do not have ready access for behavioral health screening or intervention can be referred to the SmartCare Ready for Health phone line 858 956-5900 to discuss their concerns with one of our staff persons.

As with our pediatric phone access line, providers will receive notification about patient contacts with the program and upon completion of the evaluation process, will receive a brief summary of findings and recommendations to be considered for ongoing care, either by the primary care provider or through another health or psychosocial resource.

When indicated, patient callers will be provided recommendations for engaging with relevant community services and or with referrals to appropriate clinical resources.

If and when treatment of the patient’s condition appears to be manageable with uncomplicated psychopharmacologic interventions and supportive

primary care contacts, recommendations to that effect will be shared with the referring PCP to consider.  Follow up dialogue with our psychiatric team through our On Demand Doc-to-Doc telephone consult service (858) 880-6405 will be available to support ongoing care as needed.

Perinatal Depression Screening:   With a focus on our pediatric and family medicine colleagues, we will be promoting efforts to screen, recognize and refer for services, expecting and post-partum women who are experiencing behavioral health challenges.   The mothers and their partners, once identified in primary care, can be referred to our parent line to obtain telephone screening, assessment, and referral with information and recommendations made to be shared with the referring primary care practice.   The goal of this project is to identify and ultimately provide relevant services to young mothers on their behalf and on behalf of their children.   The call in phone number for this service is (858) 956-5901.

Continuing Service Options:   SmartCare staff will continue to be available to provide in-clinic or telephone training services to clinic groups seeking education and dialogue about their learning needs and service challenges.   Our Doc-to-Doc On Demand consultation program will continue to provide immediate response to clinicians regarding patients in need of care.

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