What Kind of Screen Time Parent Are You? Handout

What Kind of Screen Time Parent Are You?

Are you strict on-screen time, or do you feel overwhelmed trying to set limits? What about actually enjoying media with your kids? Take this quiz to learn more about your parenting style when it comes to digital media.

  1. My kid(s) use screens….

Never, we’re Luddites

For a predetermined limit each day

Whenever I turn my back

2. My partner (if I have one) and I are _____ about our kid(s) screen time usage.

Generally, on the same page

Arguing – I’m the softy

Silently ignoring any differences

Bickering – I’m more strict

I don’t have a co-parent

3. At dinnertime with the kid(s), we …

Look at each other and talk about our days – OR ELSE

Scarf down takeout in separate rooms in front of our devices

Text under the table

Put the phone down, for the most part

4. My kid(s) and I use a screen to do homework …

Never.  What happened to pencil and paper?

Only for big projects

It depends on what the assignment calls for

I do the assignment while he or she play Minecraft

5. I check my phone around my kid(s) …


Never during dinner of family time, Otherwise, I wait for the right moment

To see which of my appsthey.ve been using

Only if I get an email from my boss, Or a text from my sister. Or a Facebook like. Or a…

6. In the hour before bed, my kid(s)…

Complies when I say it is time to power down

Throws afit when I say turn off the iPad

Are into Hour 4 of their favorite game

Wouldn’t dare to even look at a power cord

7. When my kid(s) and I watch TV, I’m…

Turning up the sound to drown out the other devices in the room

Checking email

Arguing with them about the countdown time

Talking with him or her about what’s going on in the story

8. At the playground or when out and about with my kid(s), I…

Keep my phone in my pocket in case I want to snap a cute picture of them

Check Pinterest, do some grocery shopping, text a friend, check my mail // where did they go?

9. I put my screen in front of my kid(s) so I can do work …

All the time

What? I’d rather stay upuntil3a.m.

If by “work” you mean ”check Twitter,” a lot

Once in a blue moon

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