Depression in Older Adults 12/7/2017

Depression is not an inevitable part of growing older, but there are factors that come with aging that can increase the risk of developing depression, even for a person who does not have a history of depression. These include retiring and losing one’s professional identity, increased medical problems, losing loved ones, and increased isolation. It […]

Depression in Older Patients

Depression can occur in any patients as they age, even without a prior history of depression. Older individuals can present with mood symptoms that can seem to be part of the normal aging process, but it is important to assess for the possibility of a masked depression. Of note, there is an increased risk of […]

Treating Depression in Older Patients PART 2

In last week’s eWeekly article, we discussed the features to be aware of in evaluations of depression in older patients, including the influence of depression and/or cognitive impairment in increasing the risk of the other condition. This eWeekly addresses treatment of depression in older patients and how it might differ from treatment in younger adults. […]