Consultation Services

Vista Hill SmartCare Behavioral Health Consultation Services knows that today’s families are extremely busy and under a lot of pressure—and we’re here to help. SmartCare BHCS works with your primary health care provider to:

  • Screen for and identify any behavioral health issues
  • Connect you and/or your family to community resources that can help

Our Team at Vista Hill SmartCare is made up of Psychiatrists, a Nurse Practitioner, Licensed Therapists, Behavioral Health Educators and Family Partner who will work with your Primary Care Provider to connect you with the help you need.

New Parent

Vista Hill SmartCare can connect you with support so you can feel better and learn new ways to cope with your feelings, solve problems and set realistic goals.


Children & Teens

Vista Hill SmartCare can connect your child, teen and family to get the support needed to feel better, improve communication and set positive goals.



Vista Hill SmartCare can connect you with the help you need so you can feel better, cope better and find greater balance in managing stressful times.