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    Racism and Child Mental Health 8/27/2020

    As the frontline of healthcare, the primary care clinic can play an important role in assuring equal access to care for all our kids and families. The following materials highlight the In 2019, the American Academy of Pediatrics published a policy statement on the “The Impact of Racism on Child and Adolescent Health” highlighting the […]

    Kleptomania 8/20/2020

    Although infrequently diagnosed and, at times, a subject of contention, kleptomania is one of the impulse control disorder diagnoses included in the DSM-5 that is part of the common lexicon. While the impulse to steal or appropriate objects that are not ours is a common enough human tendency, the distinguishing feature of the disorder as […]

    Brief Psychotherapeutic Interventions for Pediatric Anxiety 8/13/2020

    Pediatric Anxiety is one of the most common mental health challenges a child and their family can face. One study estimated a 7% prevalence of diagnosed anxiety disorder in children from 3-17 and a lifetime prevalence of 31.9% (Ghandour et al, 2019). Presumably, the earlier significant anxiety challenges can be addressed, the fewer immediate consequences […]

    Psychiatric Emergencies & Resources in the Time of Covid 8/6/2020

    The health and mental health impact of the coronavirus pandemic is widespread (Brooks, 2020; Fegert et al., 2020). How have these changes been manifest in our communities? It is clear that the pandemic has disrupted the lives and the routines of everyone. The pandemic has quite naturally caused increased feelings of vulnerability and the ongoing […]


    Involuntary grinding of teeth, otherwise known as bruxism, is frequently a concern raised by patients with stress, sleep problems (especially sleep apnea), myofacial tenderness, and, on occasion, those who take various psychotropic agents. Stimulants, SSRI medications, SNRI medications and antipsychotic agents are among the psychotropics that can cause or aggravate bruxism, Conservative approaches to managing […]

    CICAMH 2020 Free Sessions Registration Form

     Registration Form:  CICAMH Free Sessions  July 17, 2020   Name_________________________________________________________________   Email Address: (the zoom link will be sent to this email address, please make sure it’s legible)   _____________________________________________________________________   Workplace:   ____________________________________________________________________ Please mark the sessions you’d like to register for:       ¨     8:30-9:30 AM   IMPACT of COVID-19: […]

    Managing the Patient with a Somatoform Disorder Profile 7/8/2020

    Among the more challenging clinical situations seen in the primary care setting are patients who are recurrently distressed and present with multiple physical complaints and symptoms that do not fit a clearly definable syndrome or diagnosis — a clinical presentation that presents the provider with no target for definitive medical intervention. Categorized as Somatoform Disorders […]

    Hearing Voices 6/25/2020

    When a child or adolescent reports “I hear voices”, it naturally causes concern for parents and healthcare clinicians alike. The immediate question is “what is the cause”? This, followed by “what to do about it?” In these cases, the primary care clinician’s role is to provide further assessment (including consideration of potential organic causation—e.g., a […]

    Venturing out in the Summer & Fall of 2020: Guidance for Parents 6/18/2020

    As schools, businesses and public places re-open this summer as the global Covid-19 pandemic continues to evolve, parents will continue to look for guidance from their medical providers on how to responsibly protect their kids and their families. Today’s eWeekly provides guidelines and resources to help primary care providers begin to assist parents in addressing […]