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Issues of Anxiety in Primary Care Patients 11/21/2019

Anxiety is a normal and adaptive aspect of life for everyone. A little bit helps keep us safe, but excessive anxiety can be harmful. It can be a sign of a psychiatric disorder and/or it can be a trigger for (or a symptom of) an organic illness. Many medications can trigger anxiety symptoms. Understanding how […]

Adverse Childhood Experience Screening in the Primary Care Setting Part II: The Importance of Resilience 11/14/2019

In previous SmartCare Weekly editions, we reviewed the role resiliency-based interventions may play in a comprehensive pediatric Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) screening campaign. According to Masten and Barnes, “Resilience is defined as the capacity of a system to adapt successfully to challenges that threaten the function, survival, or future development of the system.” (2018). Subsequently, […]

Adverse Childhood Experience Screening in the Primary Care Setting: The Importance of Resilience 11/7/19

Ever since Dr. Vincent Felitti led the 1998 study of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), the impact of trauma on health outcomes has been more closely studied and more widely appreciated. Of course, in the realm of behavioral health, trauma has long been seen as a factor shaping more often than not a damaged sense of self and provoking deleterious symptoms. Yet, it was not until the lifelong […]

4 Traits That Put Kids at Risk for Addiction 10/31/2019

The looming question of “What can we do to curb the addiction crisis facing our youth?” has remained unanswered because there is no single way to reduce the drug and alcohol epidemic in our society. Traditional anti-drug education in schools that focuses on scare tactics and the message “Just Say No”, has been found to […]

Maternal Depression: Why It Matters 10/24/2019

There has long been thought to be an intergenerational component as regards the impacts of maternal depression in leading to emotional and behavioral problems in children.  Youth with depressed mothers are more prone to developing depressive symptom profiles and in boys there are findings that indicate increased incidence of behavioral problems.   Various genetic and environmental […]

Psychotherapeutic Approaches 10/17/2019

Psychotherapy has a rich history and many traditions. Each school of thought draws from generations of theorists and practitioners. Over the past 40 years, there has been a growing movement to evaluate the effectiveness of therapy in general and specific models in particular. The expanding body of evidence has been helpful to confirm the long-standing […]

CBT for the Treatment of Insomnia 10/10/19

Insomnia is one of the primary presenting complaints in the primary care setting. It can be the only symptom the patient is reporting or it can be part of a constellation of symptoms related to a medical cause or mood or anxiety disorder. That, of course, has to be investigated first. Once that has been […]

Long Acting Injectable Antipsychotic Medications 10/3/2019

Antipsychotic medication can be delivered through long acting injectable (LAI) formulation. While these treatments are not typically prescribed by primary care doctors, primary care patients, both adolescents and adults, may need them. LAIs play a crucial role in treating psychotic symptoms. They can be used for individuals with schizophrenia, bipolar disorder with psychotic features, or […]

A Practical Review of Naltrexone 9/26/2019

Medication assisted treatment (MAT) has been increasingly shown in the literature to be helpful component of substance abuse treatment. The range of treatments has grown over the years, and certain treatments bring risks that limit their use in the primary care setting. Both methadone and buprenorphine, effective medications for opioid abuse, can be abused, have […]

A Practical Review of Eating Disorders 9/19/2019

Eating disorders are among the most dangerous psychiatric conditions. It is important to recognize and treat them as early as possible to prevent medical sequelae. The good news is that there are effective interventions, and here in San Diego, we have some of the most cutting-edge eating disorder treatment programs in the country. Here is […]